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UUU Activation

UUU Activation

Energy flows where your attention and intention goes.

Human consciousness is evolving, a Great Evolution for all life on planet earth is already in progress.  Our ability to connect and communicate through the Universal Field is increasing in a natural, instinctive, and most significantly in a conscious way. When you give conscious intent in the awareness of the Universal Field, be willing to allow time for a response. Allowing time for an energetic response can bring into consciousness extraordinary new ideas and powerful energies. An important characteristic of this communication is honoring the inner wisdom of all living beings.

UUU Activation is Unique, United Universal Energies to get activated with our full understanding and wisdom. Universal Field Energy is the way to embrace life and spirit to be aligned with Universal Sper Energies.

Allowing time honors the Unique and United energies of the Great Evolution that can now be generated personally and collectively as we understand more of in our ability to speak the language of energy.  In this first activation, you will be encouraged to communicate with the Core of your own Being and respectfully allow yourself time to respond! The language of energy is paradoxically simple and at the same time, beautifully complex. Your presence here indicates your readiness to evolve your ability to communicate in this language.

The process is simple. Once you are open, ready and willing to surrender to The Universal Energies, the magic begins. You are the Universal Field embracing the spirit of living life energetically aware, enjoy!

used to communicate directly with the subconscious mind, as the subconscious mind controls the autonomic nervous system and is responsible for our automatic, neurological physical functions.

When the mind maintains a stressful thought, an electrical conflict arises in the brain that leads to a reduction in the strength signal in the body and therefore a weakened muscle response. As a result, muscle testing can be used to determine which thoughts are stressful for the body and which ideas (beliefs) are or are not supported at the subconscious level.
Achieving your goals can be disappointing and frustrating when a discrepancy arises between your conscious goals and your subconscious planning.

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