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Self awareness activities


You could say that I’m a nonfiction book junkie with lots of inner power creating self-aware energy. Self-awareness is the comprehensive knowledge about yourself.


You could say that I’m a nonfiction book junkie with lots of inner power creating self-aware energy. Self-awareness is the comprehensive knowledge about yourself.

“Comprehensive” means every aspect of you, including your personality, strengths, weaknesses, emotions, passion and more.

There are few levels of self-awareness: you may be confused, you may get sudden awakening, some clarity, you may be able to identify what is the truth, you may be able to put yourself as a neutral observer and higher perspective, the birds view to know what is what without any biased perspectives or ego identification or even any faulty perception lens. Final awareness is b the capability to see yourself from a third person’s perspective. I give questions to help others improve their self-awareness.

Self-awareness, I’ve realized, is the thing that can single-handedly change our lives the most. It’s through self-awareness that we can discover our purpose.

I’ve spent much of my time learning about human behavior, especially in Tarot Card Readings, people keep asking for their problems, in Healing there are various layers of spiralling negative emotions and what gets in the way of the self-awareness. The best way is to ask yourself few questions that can raise the awareness. I believe questions are at the core of all learning. They help us to explore ourselves and the world, expanding both in life-changing ways.

Questions can lead to understanding, innovation, connection, empathy, confidence, happiness.

Why do questions help us improve our self-awareness?

They jumpstart our self-discovery and unlock our self-awareness.

How do they do this? You just ask.

What Can You Be Self-Aware Of?

When Self-Awareness Matters The Most- you’re self-aware by recognizing your thoughts and emotions, you can adjust your beliefs and attitudes, which will lead to better behaviors and decisions and thus to better results. Whatever reflective insight you come up with at the very end will only marginally impact your outcome. I see three levels:

  1. Thoughts & emotions: your thoughts and emotions are the prime essential key aspects to create your reality, whether desired or undesired. The mindful activities, meditation and self- awareness activities allows you to observe thoughts and feelings as they occur.
  2. Beliefs & attitudes: your belief is created out of your experiences and your conditioned mind. Your attitude refers to a set of emotions, beliefs, and behaviors toward a particular object, person, thing, or event. They both helps you to This is about knowing who you are as a person and what traits define your character. Are you an optimist? A pessimist? Do you shy away from conflict? Do you embrace your fears? And so on.
  3. Behaviors & decisions: Your choices allows you to decide and then take actions. Your emotions and decision allow you to behave in a particular way. Your actions leads you to your desired outcome and your reality. people may actually alter their attitudes in order to better align them with their behavior

What goes on in your head determines your character, which impacts how you make decisions. In turn, the last one dictates your results in life, be it for health, wealth, fame, love or happiness.

Table of Contents

1. What is self-awareness 2. Why is self-awareness important 3. Benefits of self-awareness 4. Signs of lack of self-awareness 5. 21 Questions that can open your mind and self-awareness 6. 21 self-awareness activities 7. 21 quotes on self-awareness 8. 11 magical tools to increase self-awareness


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