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Business Card Analysis

Your business card gives your first impression about you before you visit anyone. Just like how you wear clothes and people gets first impression about you. The technology allows us to give our information in much easier way  by latest E Business card, which can cover more.

The placement and fonts of name, mobile, address, email, website and more matters a lot as business card has its own energies.  The colors in the logo, and the logo itself talks a lot about whether how expansive is your services or business. The size and fonts which appear on the card shows your connectivity with people. The placement and the other details by a business card analyst surely would help you accelerate your growth and materialistic aims in increased ways. I suggest email, mobile, name of person, name of firm and website as per numerology advise which gives additional luck to the person for his achievement of goals and success.

Designing a card is like decoring your home with right interior designs. The aesthetic sense, along with right energies and lucky numerological suggestion gives extra energy prosperity luck to your business.

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