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Infinte Me

Roop is a reputed and established holistic alternative therapist and meta-healer, counsellor, tarologist, numerologist, signature analyst, business-card analyst and vastu expert working confidently to improve the lives of others since 2000. She has been an Access bar facilitator, hypnotherapist and Meta Health Practitioner.

She is passionate about empowering and awakening people to establish self-understanding, help increase their self-esteem so that they can take enlightened control of their lives.

She opens up an energetic space of your true being that allows your awareness to play with the magic of the mind.

Being graceful transformational agent, she facilitates personal and spiritual growth in various human aspects such as financial abundance, fulfilling relationships, increased personal power, energetic health and well-being in all areas of life.

She also provides laser-like insight into a person's Destiny, Purpose, Personal Characteristics and Behav- iour Patterns, Strengths and Weaknesses, fears and obstacles through her mystical arts Tarot, Numerology, Graphology and has worked extensively with intuitive counselling and coaching. She has helped people’s lifes improving health, wealth, success, and relationships by guiding on the vastulines.


“I intend to empower and awaken mind of the people for their enlightenment journey. My wish is to provide insights and information for alternate thinking and creative skills to engage freely with others on the deepest emotional, spiritual, mental and physical levels to open-up new energies of love, lightness and power within yourself, allows you to explore the most hidden & mysterious aspects of your being. The intended outcome is to become better, wiser to express more and more of one’s BEINGNESS and live a greater life towards truth, peace and joy.’’-Roop

Acting as a catalyst, her benevolent aim is helping people to identify and overcome the roadblocks in their life and empowering them to achieve their goals. Together with the practical and dynamic tools of different alternative therapies and modalities, she creates a limitless life, opening different possibilities through mind power and elevated awareness.


Each of us is a magnificent & divine infinite being that desires to live life within our true potential, prosperity & limitless joy. Nonetheless, we all experience agony, pain, suffering within us due to untold story or trapped emotions.

By helping you connect to your inner soul, Roop will help YOU discover the true marvels of life. You are the most powerful manifestation of your desires & can bring about a dynamic change by simply altering your perspective. Your body is a powerful machine that is constantly attracting what your mind is devoted to seeing, feeling & believing!

MESSAGE 'Love And Acceptance'

“We are the co-creators of our life based on the choices of our thoughts and feelings. Higher Mind and Higher Awareness act as tools to create the life of our desire. Love is the only language which can correct & connect each and every soul towards oneness.”.. Roop

We can remove the veil of egoistic attitude, defensive masks, limited beliefs, toxic emotions, biased perceptions, illusionary self image to attain ease, peace and blissful life. The choice to create our future or destiny is in our higher mind and free will of the choices we make. Self-confidence is the single most important component that separates people who are successful and happy from those who are not...


Roop’s natural inquisitiveness and quest for knowledge as an experienced Healer, led to her authoring her first book ‘The Inner Journey’, focussing on the 7 Chakras. This outstanding book talks about the subtle inner energy of the chakras and its significance in our day-to-day life.She has researched six decks of 78 cards each of Divine Guidance cards which is easy to use by any common man to know general aspects, health, relationships, Work, Finance and Empowerment. this is available with her. Roop has also participated on TV shows, events, and seminars as a celebrity tarot card reader and numerologist. She provides consultation in various fields including banks and other corporates. She does voluntary tarot readings through live chats for all kinds of tarot consultations on websites such as www.astrospeak.com and www.sify.com. This spiritual psychic works internationally too with clients spread across the globe in the US, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Far East and Australia.

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