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Tell me, who you are and what you desire? Where are you heading? Are you finding your life activities with ease and peace? Are you going through health challenges and you do not have any clue to unending sufferings? Are you going through rough patches of unfulfilled relations and do not know why it exists inspite of your best efforts? Are you finding making earning, creating abundance all as struggle and challenging? Are you having big ups and downs which allows you to believe life is a struggle or life is a challenge, and it can never be easy and smooth?

And if you think those are simple questions, keep in mind that most people live their entire lives without arriving at an answer. Do you want to become aware of your subconscious limitations, your character strengths, weaknesses and potentials, your life challenges, gifts, talents, and your deepest desires and aspirations which is really limiting you or not allowing you to know who you are?

How deeply can you answer this question? You are the only one who can answer it. No one else can tell you who you are. You must discover this for yourself. And the challenge of knowing ourselves is no easy task. Do you wish to discover yourself? Know yourself? Know your triggers? Know your weaknesses? Know the fears? Know your emotional pattern? Know your mental pattern? Know your auto pilot modes? Know your habituated ways? All that either serves you or does not serve you? All that which does not create light and expansive energy? ?

I hope this question excites rather than intimidates you. There’s so much more to you than you know at present! Isn't this intriguing? Perhaps it’s time to go on exploring more.... so are you ready for an exploration trip for your inner journey?
Do you know that Our World mirrors, WHO WE ARE, BACK TO US. our EYES are mirror to our SOUL. And our EYES are VISION to our inner ‘ I’. So who is this ‘I’?

Just as we can be unconscious of our wounds, we can also be unconscious of our strengths. If you are really drawn to the positive qualities in another person, you are being invited to own those same qualities in yourself. Why aren't you happy? It's because ninety-eight percent of everything you do, and think, and say, is for other people’s judgements, projections, expectations, beliefs, thrown on you and you reaching upto theirs, just to get accepted, just to get approved, just to get loved....and yes, that is all what we have learnt, conditioned and trained ourselves....?

Can we be like that innocent, curious child again when we have grown up? Can we have the ‘beginner’s mind?’Can we have “never mind” attitude? Can we be awed and fascinated with the wonder of the world, open to discovering and experiencing new things for the happier and successful life? Can we dump the past memories and emotions that no loner has served us for the peaceful and passionate life? Can we be a possibilitarian where anything is possible for the desired outcome? Can we take Life a great adventure with different awareness rather than same consciousness which has not yet yielded any higher good? Have we forgotten to dream while growing up with the systems that ‘educate’ us to be adults stifle our natural joy and curiosity? Have we lost touch with our innate appreciation and passion of life with the soul’s true nature?

ARE YOU STUCK IN THE PAST? Depressed? Anxious? Worried? Fearful? Stressed? Confused? Indecisive? Sensitive? Looking for Greater Meaning for Your Greater Life? Are you anxious about future, Love, relationships, health, future stability, finances or work?
Are you feeling trapped, suffocated, bottled, uneasy?

Have you taken modern illness of blood pressure, diabetes, PCOD, arthritis as very normal?

Do you have anything you would like to change in your body or body’s illness? What if doing so were as easy as making another choice when the next 10 seconds rolls around? Does that sound impossible? That very impossibility that seems inescapable illustrates how locked in we are to the inability to change that creation we call our bodies. What would it take for that to be different? Do you wish to become a deliberate Creator?

Do you choose to be victim or victor?

Nothing and no one can make us a victim. It is all created by us. We do it to ourselves when we allow external circumstances to hold power over us. Although we have no control over what happens to us, we ALWAYS have a choice in how we respond. We hold our power when we accept complete responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Do you choose to be in illusion or illumination?

All experiences have the purpose of serving the soul. An experience in the past blocks us because of the fear or limited, ignorant and unaware mind which distorted our perception of what happened at that time. To transform this limiting experience, we must bring what was then unconscious into the soul’s realm through consciousness. We create future from the foundations of the past and past memories are stored in the subconscious mind and cellular wall memories...would you like to access the subconscious mind, redesign the cellular memories and consciously choose to create life full of ease and peace, passion and prosperity? Would you like to be aware of the restraining emotions and sabotaging beliefs which really blocks you from being abundant and joyful? Would you like to be the master of your destiny and paint the future of your choice?



We, being the bundle of energy, space and consciousness, need to reach towards light, expansiveness and lightness. What is personality? What is soul? How do they interact? Would you like to experience the power of living soulfully in the present moment? If yes, then are you having difficulty to come up with new ideas? Have you slowed down with your tremendous creative skills? If the answer is yes, then you need to give yourself space, let go all trapped feelings, be in the energy and consciousness of creativity, intuitivity, and inspired actions to take a choice to change the situation to recover your balance. It is important to be ambitious, productive, creative, efficient...but not stressed, anxious, tensed, ill... It is important to nurture your soul with its food, reflection, introspection, silent mind, meditate and reverie which is the driver of your this life?
Are you choosing higher consciousness?...it has no judgements, no criticisms, it is free of fixed points of views, conclusions, habitual thinking, compulsive thoughts, control free structure.. it is free flowing.. What if it was now possible to get beyond the limitations the mind has created, to reach your goals with more ease and thoroughness than ever before possible?

YOU can choose to be a powerful magnificent infinite light being...and remain infectious, contagious....would you like to?

Would you like to find Intuitive Resource Lists, Tools, Exercises to Do different things and do things differently? Take charge and make a choice that will enrich your experience. At the end of the day, reflect on what happened and how you felt when you chose a new line of thought, feeling or action. It is time to take control, and unleash the hidden potential within you, find the magic momentum for higher vibration. Accept that you are Divine and gain an ability to ACHIEVE everything you want. Now is the time for personal development to believe that you and not someone else have the power to make yourself happy, free and enlightened. When you are happy, free and powerful, all aspects around you will be balanced, created, transformed...


When we ask a question, we open up many possibilities that were not available to us before. Questions hold the power to draw out answers that surprise us. If we are on an inner journey to greater self-knowledge, we must seek to understand unfamiliar parts of ourselves. The most enlightening answers are released by our subconscious minds or by our intuition. Use questions frequently to go exploring.


The great benefit of heightened awareness is that we have more choice in how we live our lives. At any moment, we can purposefully choose a new experience for ourselves. We can choose to pay attention, breathe more deeply, laugh, rest, play, appreciate, do something different - the possibilities are endless.
Are you ready, open and willing for the transformation and creating the present moment with a magic, for your greater, peaceful
What have you made so VITAL in your mindset which you are not ready to rewire to see how you can REDESIGN and RECONSTRUCT your life?
What have you made so VALUABLE about your judgements and judgements from others that keeps you from CREATING GREATER?
What have you made so SIGNIFICANT that you are BLIND TO that could be CREATED, GENERATED and EXPANDED by YOU?
What would it take for You to know how amazing to know how AMAZING You are?
What would it take for you to TRUST Yourself and Your Own Knowing?
What if when something is LIGHT and EXPANSIVE, it is TRUE FOR YOU, and if something is HEAVY and CONTRACTIVE, it is a LIE for you?
Did you knew THE QUESTION EMPOWERS, THE ANSWER DISEMOWERS..what questions can you begin to ask that would CHANGE your FINANCIAL REALITY?
Did you ask yourself, WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE to open up unlimited possibilities?
Would you be willing to DROP your barriers, limited views, emotional bugs, mental viruses, perception filters, so called meaningful nonsense experiences, tinted attitude..?
What do you know that you are PRETENDING not to know about money, relationship, personal power that if you weren’t pretending that you didn’t know it would bring more money, more joy, more fun into your life immediately?
What ENERGY, SPACE and CONSCIOUSNESS can YOU and YOUR BODY be to see you live your life with ease and peace, grace and joy?
What if your POINTS OF VIEWS about MONEY, WORK, SUCCESS, HAPPINESS create REALITY of YOUR DESIRE, so what points of views you would like to change?
If you don’t know WHERE you are going, how are you going to know WHEN you get there?
If you resonate and relate with above questions, you can CHOOSE to be happy right now...
What would it be like if you embodied the HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS in EVERYTHING you did, that others chose to become more conscious of you?
What has been so much of DRAMA, TRAUMA and PAIN happened to you in your life that has taken away your original LOVING nature and gave you suffering, emotional pain, physical discomfort or any illness?
Where in your life you have not loved, respected, cared your ownself and gave more importance to others which is making you VICTIMISED?
When are you going to be aware of all THE MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE you are doing to your own self which could be the cause of physical, mental, emotional, sexual abuse happened to you from others?
Are you still choosing to remain IGNORANT, UNEDUCATED, UNAWARE, BLIND to THE TRUTH you need to know FOR ONENESS?

Roop’s TEUAS-The Energetic Unlimited Access Supporters is different from all other supporters. It is a unique and catered only for your life and your unique life experiences, customized only for you. The vision of Roop and Unlimited Access is to get YOU to the point where YOU are conscious enough to create change in yourselves so that YOU can increase the probability of changing the life towards ease and peace, passion and prosperity, deleting any trauma, drama and insanities that of YOUR life, releasing unnecessary and non supportive, restraining and self sabotaging thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and memories.
She opens up an energetic space of your true being that allows your awareness to play with the magic of the mind. Acting as a spiritual catalyst, her benevolent aim is helping people to identify and overcome their blocks in their life. Together with the practical and dynamic tools of different alternative therapies and modalities, she creates a limitless life, opening different possibilities through mind power and raised awareness.

Awareness is the key to all change. Love and Acceptance are the ingredients towards change. Begin to trust yourself, as who you are, more deeply, live life passionately, with healthy emotions and forwarding beliefs, with balanced emotional and mental state, with UNLIMITED ACCESS SUPPORTERS.

Roop is ready to empower you, in any of these areas

  • · Work and Career
  • · Nurturing and Parenting
  • · Health and Wellness
  • · Money and Abundance
  • · Inner Joy and Internal Harmony
  • · Personal Empowerment
  • · Love and relationships
  • · Vastu tips and consultancy for healthy happy living
  • · The Brain Technology through your unique finger print analysis

through a deeply inspiring journey into your feelings, and guide you free from the very limitations that have kept you from a life of meaningful purpose, passion, self positive image, healthy mind emotions and spirits and unlimited possibilities.